Jimmie Massie


A Common Sense Leader

Improving Our Schools

As the father of four children, Jimmie knows that a great education is the key to a successful future. And as our delegate representing the 72nd District, Henrico County, Jimmie will work hard for smaller class sizes, higher standards and in focusing on retaining the best teachers.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Jimmie clearly understands the economy is still struggling and job creation is way too slow. As a small business entrepreneur and member of the Appropriations Committee, Jimmie is in a very strong position to improve the jobs environment by stimulating the economy and controlling spending.

Recruiting and Retaining the Best Teachers

To recruit and retain the very best public school teachers, Jimmie Massie supports merit pay and bonuses for veteran educators who meet measurable performance benchmarks.

School Choice

Jimmie supports innovative and proven school choice programs such as charter schools, homeschools, and education improvement scholarships that empower parents, not government bureaucrats.

Lower Taxes and Spending

Jimmie Massie knows that over the years state spending has increased. Our government clearly has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. As Delegate, Jimmie Massie will be a voice for fiscal discipline, will oppose tax increases, and will propose ways to reduce wasteful spending.

Jimmie believes that Henrico families deserve to keep more of the money they earn and supports reducing marginal tax rates for each and every taxpayer.

Fighting Crime

Jimmie understands how important it is for our families to live in safe, friendly neighborhoods. As Delegate, he will work to pass tough anti-crime laws that keep violent criminals where they belong - behind bars.

Traditional Values

As a Delegate, Jimmie Massie will be a reliable vote for traditional values and pro-family legislation. He was a leader in the movement to pass the marriage amendment to the Virginia Constitution that guarantees Virginia will only recognize marriage as between one man and one woman.